Pradaxa Antidote

Unlike the widely-used and well-studied warfarin, Pradaxa has no known, readily available antidote. Patients must wait for the the drug to naturally pass through the body without a antidote. This means that in an emergency or complication, when serious bleeding occurs, patients are placed in danger of bleeding out, because they cannot wait for Pradaxa to leave the body naturally.

Because doctors are unable to stop Pradaxa´s effects, the use of Pradaxa has posed a clear danger to its users. Patients using Pradaxa, which has been known to increase bleeding risks, are left without a way to reverse or stop the effects.

Potential Antidotes are Not Supported by Scientific Data

Pradaxa´s manufacturer, Boehringer Ingelheim, claims that emergency dialysis can reverse Pradaxa´s effects, but readily admits there is not scientific data to support the method. In contrast, warfarin, an alternatives to Pradaxa, is effectively reversed when necessary through the supplementation of vitamin K.

Several doctors across the country have spoken out about Pradaxa´s lack of a reversal agent, going so far as to call Pradaxa into question because such a reversal agent is "essential." Experts have long stressed that an anticoagulant like Pradaxa is too dangerous to use without an effective antidote or reversal agent.

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